AW13 Makeup Trends Image

We are finally in the depths of autumn/winter and with that, we’re ready to welcome the new beauty trends of the season. Taking inspiration from the catwalks, this season’s colour palette is awash with deep velvety hues, moody oxbloods, smokey blacks and stunning jewel tones.

There is nothing pretty about AW13’s beauty trends, and instead it’s all about dark, grungy looks, rich glamorous palettes and show-stopping lips. We take a look at some of the key makeup trends for this season…

Jewel Tones

We’re talking rich ruby reds, deep energetic emeralds and sexy sapphires. With block-colours on the eyes this is definitely a stand-out trend for this season. Pair your jewel-toned colour palette with luxe metallic silvers and gold for the perfect gemstone coupling, and top things off with a royal ruby lip, fit for a Queen.

Gothic Glamour

If a hint of gothic glam is more your thing, then this season is definitely for you. It’s all about minimalistic eyes, making everything about that ever-powerful blood red lip. You can opt for heavy oxblood shades, a hint of blood-stained lips or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take things up a notch and choose to go for full-out black lips, taking gothic to a whole new level.

Seasonal Sparkle

Finally, this time of the year wouldn’t sit right with us if there wasn’t a sprinkling of seasonal sparkle to spread around. Luckily, this year the glitter is back in bucket-loads, updating the traditional party smokey eye with a modern, uber-glitzy glam eye. Opt for pure pigments all over the lid, or go all-out and choose thick glitter instead, making sure to do your eyes before the rest of your face to minimise fall-out.

Hannah Vickers is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger with a penchant for all things girly, pink and fairy tale-related. Find her Tweeting at @hannahvickers.


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