Aesthetic Online is a website dedicated to bring you your daily dose of pretty. Founded by co-editors Michelle and Lauren, the print magazine strives to be an accompaniment for graduates who are starting out on their own two feet for the first time.

To bridge the gap between each issue, Aesthetic Online brings a daily dose of pretty from Aesthetic House. See our favourite fashion picks, beauty discoveries, food experiences and mini lifestyle accompaniments to tide you over until the next glossy tome lands.

Whimsy and professional in equal doses, Aesthetic is a quarterly magazine to be seen with, to doodle in and to put circles around your most wanted, to read about up and coming talent and to showcase your own talent. It bridges the divide between high street and high end, with no pressure to be perfect, merely to add upon what you already have.

Our magazine is the culmination of many months of hard work, no beauty sleep and lots of perseverance. Full of fashion, lifestyle, careers, culture, food and more, we hope it entertains and relieves stress, as you return home from work and put your feet up with a glass of something pretty.

– Love, Aesthetic House x


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