AW13 Nail Trends Image

When it comes to AW13 beauty, nails are the things that really get us in a spin here at Aesthetic House. As much as we loved the sickly sweet pastel hues of the summer, autumn/winter has opened doors for a whole new, much edgier palette.

Plain, nude nails are out the door and are being replaced with tough textures, glitzy embellishments, moody blacks and, our favourite shade of the season – deep dark oxblood. We take a look at the key nail trends in a bit more detail…

The New Black

Not a fan of black? Well this season you’ll have to tough it out, as black is going to be bigger and better than ever. You can keep things uber chic and simple with super black glossy or matte shades, or opt for something a little different and try out monochrome nails, add a touch of glitter or shake things up in the texture department.


The shade of the season, we are a tad obsessed with this moody reddish purple hue. Ideal for complimenting the current tartan trend, oxblood nails are set to be everywhere over the next few months. Opt for deep, dark berry hues, and pull your look together by matching your nails to your lips for the ultimate on-trend ensemble.


They’ve been slowly creeping their way forward into the nail limelight, and it looks like they are here to stay. Although they’re not the most practical of nail trends, embellished nails are perfect for the party season, for adding a touch of bling to your cocktail dress. Whether you choose to opt for simple studded nails, all-out glitter and gemstones or even a lace manicure, these nail trends are most definitely going to be a big talking point over the next few months.


Super shiny, glossy metallics are another trend set to be everywhere this season – but not just any metallics. There are the new, matte metallic shades, which are seriously stunning to look at, or you can change things up and opt for a simply metallic tip. We think metallic nails are ideal for adding a little luxe to your outfit, like jewellery for your fingertips!

Retro Reds

If you’re a fan of classic Hollywood glamour, then this nail trend is most certainly for you. Another shade that will perfectly complement those tartan lovers amongst us, retro reds are back in full-force. This classic true red screams 1950s glamour and is perfect to wear from day to night.

Hannah Vickers is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger with a penchant for all things girly, pink and fairy tale-related. Find her Tweeting at @hannahvickers.


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