Meet the collective behind the print and online editions of Aesthetic. At heart, we’re just a group of ladies who lunch, with a heartstopping adoration for style, interiors, art, film, books, and things to do, see and eat. Get to know us on the page, or better yet, send us a Tweet at @AestheticMag_!

Michelle Chai is the editor and founder of Aesthetic. Overseeing the content of both print and online editions, she also knocks up a good feature once in a while and fritters hours away on drama series. When she isn’t heading up Aesthetic House, she can be found blogging style and life over on Daisybutter.

Philippa Vernals is one of our in-house illustrators and is also the art director and co-editor of Aesthetic. She’s a whizz with a plethora of art tools, has an inane knack for style and innovation, and can be found documenting travel, eats, her artwork and more at Cocoskies.

Sarah Farrell is the features editor here at Aesthetic. Penning odes to the must-see exhibitions, cult happenings across the UK and more dedicated insights into new beauty and style drops, Sarah is also a bit of a running maverick, avid blogger, baking goddess and cracks out the witty nonsensicals at Aesthetic House.

Taking care of the beauty spectrum is Sarah Sandiford, our resident beauty editor. When she’s not heading up social media and interiors goodness by day, she’s trialling the latest beauty releases to bring the best of the best with a no-nonsense approach. Big fan of rum, Miu Miu and forcing the other Aesthetic girls to make a daily voyage to Selfridges. Read her blog at City Girl’s Fashion Box.

Aisling Megan is the flame-haired fashion editor at Aesthetic. Looking after the stylish proceedings, Aisling enjoys a handbag or twenty, a printed trouser and a red lip more than most. Can be found lurking on Net-a-Porter and My Wardrobe, or traipsing the fashion cupboards of most London publications. Or over at Fash-ling.com.

Elodie Russo is the girl behind the accessories. Whilst few and far between, Elodie curates the top selections of your must-have accessories to see you through every season. Oh, and did we mention she’s the resident French cherie too?

Sophie Warner oversees the lifestyle and health bounty at Aesthetic. On a quest to perfect her eating habits and kickstart a healthy outlook on life, Sophie promotes her changing lifestyle with health-filled recipes, tips for saving those pennies, ideas of new places to visit to make the most of your weekends… and then some.

Hannah Hobson is nothing short of a burger queen, as our food and culture editor. Can be found running, enjoying a concert and all probably with a burger in hand. Hannah has visited most, if not all, of the burger joints in London and plans to conquer the burger world this year.

Lily Safavi is our legal girl and careers and city editor. Curating the finest of city picks across the UK and globe, Lily ensures you’ll always be able to make the most of wherever you’re headed. Oh, and for the young professional – Lily’s got your CV savvy tips, job hunting and careers talk down to a tee.

Fancy joining us? We’re always welcoming new contributors on board at Aesthetic House.

Whether you’d like to freelance for our online or print editions, or are after something to make your CV sparkle, we have plenty of opportunities to contribute to Aesthetic.

Drop us an email to learn more about becoming part of our team. You don’t need to be an established writer or even a blogger – we welcome witty, fresh and innovative content from writers, photographers, illustrators and more.


Love, Aesthetic House x


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