Excuse us all at Aesthetic House whilst we simmer over with adorable points because we’ve just spied the latest offerings by Zara Kids.

Since when was it a ‘thing’ for miniature humans a quarter of our age to be better dressed than us? We’re cowering in our new Acne boots and Eudon Choi for River Island jumpers.

This Two-Piece Outfit with Little Stars is teeming with utter charm: a cream two-piece speckled with grey stars and finished with toggles is the perfect way to introduce your 4 y/o to this wonderful sartorially obsessed world. In a similar vein, our Chloe dreams have all become a reality with the Knitted Two-Piece Outfit, an angora blend in dreamy dove grey.

Coo over the newest Zara Kids collection here. It might even be time to befriend ‘those’ over-sharers on Facebook just to splash out on miniature style.

Michelle Chai is a self-confessed colour avoider, avid coffee enthusiast, multi-tasker extraordinaire and, by night, a regular fashion blogger at Daisybutter. She edits Aesthetic (both online and print) and really enjoys her ongoing quest for the perfect knit. FYI, this one came close to nabbing the title.


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