‘Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.’ – Coco Chanel

Accessorising is a fine art, whether you prefer a simple stack of thin bands or enjoy layering things up for a bohemian look. But more on that later, today’s tech topic is a wholeheartedly superficial one – accessorising your smartphone? We’re all over it…

Kate Moss for Carphone Warehouse – iPhone 4/4s Patent Leather Case (£24.99) – Shop it now

Perhaps the most surprising collaboration to date this year, Kate Moss partnered up with Carphone Warehouse to design a bespoke portfolio of stylish smartphone cases. Ranging from classic iPhone choices to Samsung and iPad numbers, Kate Moss lends her British, uber-rock edge to a selection of heavily black-based cases and we like.

Man&Wood – Galaxy S4 Macaron Case with White Frame (£20) – Shop it now

This striped wooden case is seriously slick and unique. Designed for a minimalistic feel, the South Korean lifestyle brand brings beautiful wooden cases across the smartphone board. This three-stripe macaroon inspired case is perfect for laidback, whimsical, vintage inspired outfits.

Man&Wood – iPhone 5 Apollen Case with White Frame (£17) – Shop it now

In a similarly wooden vein, the Apollen iPhone 5 case screams Missoni and a contemporary feel. With a slick white edging for optimum style, Man&Wood have quickly become our go-to for a new phone wardrobe option.

Hello Harriet – Illustrated Bunny Phone Case (£25) – Shop it now

Beautifully illustrated by talented Harriet Gray, the illustrated bunny phone cases are just one of many adorable designs available now in the Hello Harriet store on Etsy. We adore this sweet bunny choice, although there are also kitty and pug options too! What’s more – each case features 3D wrap printing and is shatterproof to protect your phone. Each case comes perfectly packaged in a box, making them perfect for gifts.

Iconemesis – London Village by Sophie Henson iPhone 4 Case (£19.99) – Shop it now

Continuing to make waves in the tech style realms, this London Village illustrated plastic case for the iPhone is a great London momento. A bit more colourful and animated than our usual choices, it certainly packs a punch with bespoke illustrations on a plastic print base.

Michelle Chai is a self-confessed colour avoider, avid coffee enthusiast, multi-tasker extraordinaire and, by night, a regular fashion blogger at Daisybutter. She edits Aesthetic (both online and print) and really enjoys her ongoing quest for the perfect knit. FYI, this one came close to nabbing the title.


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