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With last year’s Jubilee celebrations still fresh in our minds and the recent addition of a certain Prince George of Cambridge to the Royal Family, it’s fair to say that all of us here at Aesthetic House are feeling pretty patriotic.

With monarchy on our minds, we were really excited to hear about and be invited along to the opening of the summer exhibition at Buckingham Palace: The Queen’s Coronation 1953. Celebrating the 60th anniversary of  The Queen’s Coronation, this is the largest exhibition ever mounted about this historic event, and is perhaps one of the most opulent to take up residence at The Palace.

Bringing together a vast array of objects, including invitations, ceremonial robes and the beautiful Coronation Day Dress worn by The Queen, the displays which occupy the Ballroom capture both the magnificence and the deeply personal elements of the Coronation ceremony:

The opportunity to see the sheer opulence of the Norman Hartnell designed Coronation Gown firsthand is reason enough to pay the exhibition a visit.  With a full 360 degree perspective on the dress and the Robe of Estate, you get a palpable sense of the time, craftsmanship and skill which went in to creating such an iconic piece of costume, as well as a really strong understanding of the symbolic significance of the painstakingly embroidered detailing.

Allowing you a close look at a series of objects used throughout the proceedings of the Coronation, as well as illuminating the significance of each element of the ceremony, The Queen’s Coronation 1953 offers a unique chance to relive and learn more about a truly historic occasion in our national heritage.

The Queen’s Coronation 1953 runs at The State Rooms, Buckingham Palace until 29th September 2013. Tickets £19 (concessions available.)

Sarah Farrell is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at My Sentimental Heart. A regular contributor to Aesthetic Magazine, Sarah’s main interests lie in baking and style. Sarah is also the Features Editor of Aesthetic Online. She Tweets @sarah_sentiment.


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