If there’s one thing the Aesthetic girls do better than anyone else – it’s socialising. Throw some food and an ice cold gin and tonic into the mix and we’re set for the evening. So when City’s Editor Lily and I were offered the chance by Bombay Sapphire to find out about the history behind the drink we took it with both hands.

Set in the extremely swanky Hoxton hotel in East London, we were told to head to the Apartment when we arrived. My oh my, what a venue it genuinely was set out like an someone’s apartment – you felt like you were playing Through The Keyhole. With an enviable red Smeg fridge, rows upon rows of books and jars of help-yourself-sweets, it felt like we were sitting in someone’s home.

After being welcomed with a giant G&T we all gathered around the kitchen eager to hear what the expert Sam had to tell us on the subject of gin. We never knew so much time and effort went into making gin nor how many different types were available. It was staggering to hear that the Bombay Sapphire recipe dates all the way back to 1761 and the close guarded recipe is only known by a select few so we can’t try and make it at home!

Sam took us through each and every flavour in the gin and were were encouraged to taste and smell it Рthe gin uses ten botanical ingredients. The musky smell of Angelic Root took me straight back to a charity shop Рnot a smell that appeals to many people! My favourite smell was the fresh lemon peel which are all peeled by hand and then dried out. We were also  encouraged to put our own twist on a special G&T with lots of infusions on offer in a overwhelming cabinet. Pink pear drop flavour anyone?

As always please refrain from drinking unless you’re over the age of 18 and always drink responsibly!

Sophie Warner is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who constantly thinks about various ways to stuff her face. As the health and lifestyle editor of Aesthetic she thrives on finding healthier alternatives to her favourite meals, filling her bedroom with vintage junk and exploring the delights of London Town. You can find her Tweeting at @sophiesophuk.


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