To prepare for our holidays and travelling plans, we’ve selected our top must-have travel apps so that as long you have your smartphone in hand, you’ll be able to navigate your way and navigate it well. Head off the beaten track with the newest app arrivals…

Touchnote – Available for Android, iPhone and iPad

Perhaps our newest app obsession, Touchnote’s app turns any photo into a miniature, real postcard that you can send anywhere in the world. Whether you tend to photographic stunning landscapes, beautiful architecture or, erm, novelty Snapchat-esque photos, drop it into this easy-to-use app and your loved ones can get an almost-instant slice of your travels.

Download: Android / iOS

Word Lens – Available for Android, iPhone and iPad

When visiting overseas countries, we like to have a stash of keywords and phrases logged in our brains so we can practice on unsuspecting, mysterious strangers. For the moments when even that small bank fails you, Word Lens is the best tool to make sure you can get by and beyond, handily translating printed words from one language to another with your smartphone’s video camera. Better yet – you don’t even need to hunt down Internet connection!

Download: Android / iOS

Hipmunk – Available for Android, iPhone and iPad

This one’s more for the pre-travel gal. Stay savvy and search for more affordable holiday deals with Hipmunk, a handy app that compares the top deals on flights and hotels, and offers concise travel guides on popular city destinations that include London, Las Vegas, New York City, Seattle, Orlando and San Francisco. All at the touch of a screen.

Download: Android / iOS

Dark Sky Finder – Available for iPhone and iPad

My personal favourite: this app is for the stargazers. This app helps you to locate the best locations to simply look at the stars, and features hundreds of locations around the world with no light pollution or cloudy weather. You can also add your own locations – perfect for the Perseid meteor showers that are due in August.

Download: iOS

Photosynth – Available for iPhone and iPad

Another photo app (and what more could you expect from Aesthetic House?), Photosynth makes it super easy to shoot and share interactive panorama images. You can document places, people and events from all over the world, and, with the latest in computer vision techniques, you can create 360° panoramas for a spherical image. Aesthetic House stamp-of-approval, achieved.

Download: Android / iOS

LUXE City Guides – Available for iPhone and iPad

Sitting pretty atop the Aesthetic House bookshelf is a whole host of beautifully printed LUXE City Guides, so it comes as no surprise that their app is one of our favourites. Available with the same undeniably chic sass, snark and insider knowledge, these guides are easy-to-read and contains little snippets of our favourites from LUXE London, New York and Paris.

Download: iOS

Free Wi-Fi Finder – Available for Android, iPhone and iPad

Does what it says on the tin. As much as we deny it, social media and being in touch with loved ones is on top of our travel agenda as much as getting our summer tan on is. Perfect for getting the most out of your travels, because which round-the-world faux gap yah would be the same without somewhere (ahem, Instagram) to photo dump your experience?

Download: Android / iOS

Michelle Chai is a self-confessed colour avoider, avid coffee enthusiast, multi-tasker extraordinaire and, by night, a regular fashion blogger at Daisybutter. She edits Aesthetic (both online and print) and really enjoys her ongoing quest for the perfect knit. FYI, this one came close to nabbing the title.


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