American food seems to be taking over London at the minute with burgers and ribs taking prime spot. But now there’s a new kid on the block in the form of Macaroni Cheese. This delightfully, oozy, heart attack-inducing concoction couldn’t be more welcomed. Leading the new trend is street food stall When Mac Met Cheese. So doing what Aesthetic does best we took ourselves to the pop up restarant at The Endurance – RIP – to see if it lived up to the hype.

when mac met cheese

With just three mac and cheeses to plump for, I went for the mum’s classic featuring mature cheddar, red leicester, parmesan and nutmeg with an extra of bacon and tomatoes. I loved the fact you could add veg in your dish for free, it was such a nice perk. It also helps you feel slightly healthy and counteracts all the cheese. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! The cheese sauce was deliciously creamy and not too sickly – I didn’t want it to end. It really did taste incredible. I found all the cheeses mixed in well together without one being the most prominent.  I must admit I struggled to taste the nutmeg but then too much would completely overpower the dish. The portion sides were great value for £7 and they left you feeling full which is always a feeling I look for when dining out!

mac and cheese

deep fried oeros

Despite feeling like we were about to burst we still ordered some deep fried oreas – purely for research purposes of course. Nearly a week later my tastebuds are still unsure on what to make of them. I’m not even sure I could describe them apart from the fact they didn’t really taste like oreos. They were very sweet which I think was due to the icing sugar on top and they didn’t feel overly greasy. I don’t think i’d order them again as I can think of better things to waste my daily calories but i’m glad I tried them. Everyone needs to try at least one deep fried oreo in their lives!

Unfortunately the pop up has now ended but you can still catch When Mac Met Cheese at Camden Lock market. They’re due to have a stall at Feast London on 4th – 7th July but tickets are selling quick so get a move on if you want to sample the goods.  Keep checking their Twitter and Facebook pages to see if they decide to pop up anywhere else!

Sophie Warner is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who constantly thinks about various ways to stuff her face. As the health and lifestyle editor of Aesthetic she thrives on finding healthier alternatives to her favourite meals, filling her bedroom with vintage junk and exploring the delights of London Town. You can find her Tweeting at @sophiesophuk.


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