Last Cinderella is a currently airing, rom-com Japanese drama.

Sakura is a 39 (nearly 40!) year old single woman who works at a hair dressing salon. She loves beautifying her customers but ironically, does not care too much about her own appearance. Sakura is so absorbed in her career that she even forgets to act like a woman… the running gag throughout the drama is that she acts like an old man! Last Cinderella focuses on Sakura’s life and the relationship she forms with Hiroto, a handsome, much younger man whom Sakura eventually starts dating, and Rintaro, her boss and good friend whom she acts a little bit too comfortable around. Sakura also confides in her two best friends, Miki (who suffers from a sexless marriage) and Shima (who is a sex addict!), about her budding romance with Hiroto.

Without a doubt, the selling point of this drama for me is the fact that Haruma Miura (one of my all-time favourite Japanese actors) plays one of the lead roles. Originally, I started watching this drama just for some eye-candy but I was pleasantly surprised by how addictive the plot is! To me, this is the definition of a romantic comedy drama and if you like rom-coms, I would highly recommend Last Cinderella!

Watch it here.

Kylie Chan is a student studying in London (but a country girl at heart!). Kylie loves to eat, shop, watch dramas and read mangas. A girl who takes life as it comes, you can find Kylie posting about her life on her blog and Tweeting excessively on Twitter.


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