A few of weeks ago, a couple of team Aesthetic were lucky enough to be invited along to The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace for a very special preview of their new exhibition- In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor & Stuart Fashion. Featuring a host of paintings from the Royal Collection, as well as a selection of artifacts specifically acquired for the exhibition, In Fine Style focuses on the courtly fashions of the 16th and 17th centuries, and how they were depicted in such vivid detail on canvas. In a world where social status was everything, clothing became increasingly significant as a tool through which would could communicate your wealth and position- particularly important when the precarious politics of court meant that power was almost constantly in a state of flux. Amongst the highlights are a portrait of Elizabeth I as a teenager, van Dyck’s depiction of Charles I and Rembrant’s mysterious image of Agatha Bas.

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As well as offering you the chance to uncover some intriguing historical figures, In Fine Style also affords a fantastic insight into the methods of clothing production, and the challenges of reproducing such intricately crafted pieces in portraiture. Tracing the evolution of Tudor & Stuart aesthetics right up to the present day, the exhibition also features an interview with Gareth Pugh, where he discusses with curator Anna Reynolds how his approach to design has been influenced by the period. We’d also really recommend paying a visit to the Millar Learning Room and having a guess as to the identity of the mysterious Man in Red, before popping along to the gift shop to pick up a copy of the specially commissioned Robe magazine– the perfect accompaniment to such a well put together, insightful exhibition.

In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor & Stuart Fashion runs at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace until 6th October 2013.

Sarah Farrell is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at My Sentimental Heart. A regular contributor to Aesthetic Magazine, Sarah’s main interests lie in baking and style. Sarah is also the Features Editor of Aesthetic Online. She Tweets @sarah_sentiment.


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