After being introduced to the true beauty of burgers by Aesthetics’ very own burger queen Hannah, I have turned into somewhat a snob. Luckily Byron measures up nicely especially when they decide to throw a special into the mix. This month the special is aptly named Roquefort.


Brimming with blue cheese, crispy onions, lashing of mayo and tasty shredded lettuce, the burger really was a party in your mouth. It had the perfect amount of tang – some restaurants completely overload the cheese and it’s quite painful to eat. The brioche bun held together nicely – a soggy bun attracts public outcry – and 6oz burger was cooked to medium perfection. We all know a burger needs to be pink in the middle if it’s to gain any access into the hall of fame. My only gripe is it’s not a permanent fixture, we can’t all afford to take a trip to New York to sample it’s inspiration at the Spotted Pig. Sort it out Byron!




Make sure you get your skates on as the burger runs its course on May 7th.


Sophie Warner is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who constantly thinks about various ways to stuff her face. As the health and lifestyle editor of Aesthetic she thrives on finding healthier alternatives to her favourite meals, filling her bedroom with vintage junk and exploring the delights of London Town. You can find her Tweeting at @sophiesophuk.


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