If you’re anything like a us here at Aesthetic House, the chances are that about 4pm in the afternoon, you’ll have a bit of an energy slump and make a sly trip to the office vending machine…

Whether your weapon of choice in combating the post-lunch lull is something chocolatey or a packet of crisps (why do vending machines never stock fruit?!), it’s a habit that can leave you feeling more than a little guilty, as well as being one which can seriously eat into those all too precious pennies.

However, thanks to Chanel, the vending machine has had something of a high fashion makeover – and one which we can guarantee will prove more satisfying in the long term than a hastily digested KitKat. When Team Aesthetic hit Fashion’s Night Out in London last year, we were all intrigued by the temporary vending machines that had been set up outside the Chanel pop-up beauty shop in Covent Garden, to co-incide with the launch of AW12’s drop of limited edition nail polishes. It’s perhaps no surprise then, that for their latest flagship beauty launch, Chanel have commissioned a new, fully functional machine which will be in residence at Selfridges until 8th May.

Installed to celebrate the much-anticipated arrival of Chanel’s first volumising mascara, Le Volume De Chanel, this is one vending machine which we definitely won’t feel guilty about paying a visit to!

Find the Chanel vending machine in Selfridges Beauty Hall, Selfridges & Co, 400 Oxford Street, London, W1A 1AB.

Sarah Farrell is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at My Sentimental Heart. A regular contributor to Aesthetic Magazine, Sarah’s main interests lie in baking and style. Sarah is also the Features Editor of Aesthetic Online. She Tweets @sarah_sentiment.


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