Growing hair can often be a long drawn out and, quite frankly, annoying process. Oh, how we long for the effortlessly perfect beachy wave, as seen on the likes of Californian babe Lauren Conrad – we harserious hair envy) or the beautiful intricate updo’s Diane Kruger often sports on the red carpet. Whilst there are no magical hair growth potions (sob!), there are a number of top tips to bring out the best in your hair care, in turn promoting healthy, shinier locks that will stimulate growth…

Hit up the Hairdressers

Going for a regular trim is an age old myth to making your hair grow – and trust us it works. Slashing off inches every other week isn’t, but visiting the hairdresser for a slight trim every 8-10 weeks will leave your locks feeling super healthy and rid any pesky split ends.

Getting into the routine of re-booking will not only have you feeling pampered and preened but you will instantly see the improved difference in your hair. Don’t be afraid to talk through your look with your stylist and what you want to achieve, take on board their advice – they know best.

Deep Clean

Using styling products every day, coupled with heavyweight shampoo and conditioners, can often weigh down hair and cause it to look limp and boring. Bring back the bounce and give your hair a serious deep clean with the Pantene Clarifying Shampoo.

A fail safe product to keep stashed away for weekly use, concentrate the shampoo at the roots and work away at any grime. Repeat the process twice and follow up with conditioner in the ends of your hair to be left with squeaky clean, ultra shiny hair.

Leave it out, in!

Before you wash and go, make sure you spend a few more minutes in your routine to add a leave-in conditioner – these work wonders as a bonus treatment. Leaving you with soft, silky manageable hair, it also works to conceal split ends and conditions hair ends. We can’t get enough of the Kerastase Nectar Thermique; a staple in our routine – its citrus scent and genius added-in heat protectant seriously saves the day.

… And relax

Take time out from your busy schedule and whack on a hair treatment or mask. They don’t have to break the bank or claim to cure split ends – FYI, it’s not going to happen. We personally swear by Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, the name doesn’t lie and the tropical scent makes us feel like we’re on holiday for a bonus.

Alongside a face mask, sit back and relax while the hair mask gets down to business, then simply wash off and your hair feels just like you’ve walked out of the salon. If your hair is in serious SOS, start this pronto. This has become our go-to Sunday night ritual.

Embrace your length

Being stuck in the in-between stage of growing your hair can become seriously tiresome, but simply push the boat out and get experimenting. Log on to Pinterest and start a board of hairstyle inspiration. Try your hand at a fishtail braid or a fussfree, easy updo and get creative.

Sarah Sandiford

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