That Winter, The Wind Blows promo

Another week, another K-drama review and hand-on-heart recommendation. A couple of weeks ago, I started and finished watching That Winter, The Wind Blows in the space of a mere eight days: a true testament to the legacy of a romantic melodrama.

This 16-episode saga is full of twists and turns, an unconventional loveline (i.e. not your standard girl next door meets stupidly hot guy story) and downright drama. Meshing an underground fraudalent crime scene with the delicate issue of a blind, newly orphaned, heiress to a multi-million company and you have a thought-provoking, gasp-inducing watch.

Oh Soo is a con-man. Following the death of his first love, he becomes a heavy gambler and playboy. Working diligently to prise money from those around him, he is accused early on of laundering $7.8 billion and subsequently must find a way to repay the debt. At the same time, Oh Young, a blind heiress to a huge company, loses her father and seeks her only remaining relative – her brother.

By a twist of fate, Oh Soo shares the same name as Oh Young’s brother. He pretends to be her long-lost brother, setting his sights on conning a sum of money to repay his debt. The plot details Oh Soo slowly learning to empathise with others, breaking down his walls to help helpless Oh Young who flits between feeling extremely low to re-learning to appreciate her life. Supported by charismatic Kim Bum and Jung Eunji, who play Oh Soo’s friends, That Winter, The Wind Blows is refreshing, dark, comedic, romantic and heartwarming in equal measure. Song Hye-Kyo puts in a breathtaking performance as always, and this could be one of the highlights of her career so far.

Finally, the soundtrack to this K-drama is out of this world. Highlights include ‘And One’ by SNSD’s Taeyeon, and Gummy’s ‘Snowflake’, both of which are climbing up my Most Played count on the ol’ iTunes. I guarantee you’ll indulge in the soundtrack after watching even the opening episode.

Rating: 5.5 – Highly Recommended

Watch That Winter, The Wind Blows here.

Michelle Chai is a self-confessed colour avoider, avid coffee enthusiast, multi-tasker extraordinaire and, by night, a regular fashion blogger at Daisybutter. She edits Aesthetic (both online and print) and really enjoys her ongoing quest for the perfect knit. FYI, this one came close to nabbing the title.


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