marcjMini Pencil Set, Colourblocked Jacobs Tote in Seafoam, London City Tee, Wishbone Necklace, Katie Bunny iPhone 5 Case in Fluorange, London Skyline Notebook (products carried in store and prices may vary).
As you might have already established, all of us here at Aesthetic House are serious shopping fiends. Whether it’s browsing the bold windows of Oxford Street on our lunch breaks or having a sneaky mid morning browse of what’s new in online, we’re all pretty relentless in our daily pursuit of some well heeled chic.

We’re also a group of super smart savers- whether it’s collecting every penny of loose change for the Mulberry fund or maximizing our splurge spends through a spot of savvy selling on eBay, it’s fair to say that once Team Aesthetic hones in on a luxury purchase, we’re seeing it through to the end. Having said that, we’re only human, and every so often we find ourselves looking for a little slice of high end luxury on the cheap- step forward Marc Jacobs, Mount Street…

When Marc Jacobs opened a standalone store on Mount Street in 2009, it rapidly became our go-to destination for a quick designer fix. Throw in the Marc by Marc sister store which opened down the road a few years later, and it would seem like you’ve got the perfect recipe for well and truly destroying your bank balance. Guess again. Whilst we love looking at all of the latest ready to wear collections and ultra covetable accessories, the real reason we’re such regular visitors to Mount Street is because of the exclusive purse friendly pieces which are on offer at both stores. We’re talking compact mirrors for under a tenner, umbrellas which cost less than your average night out and a selection of trinkets at bargain basement prices. Definitely worth a visit next time you fancy a break from the mania of central London shopping on a Saturday afternoon!

Marc Jacobs, 24-25 Mount Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 2RR & Marc by Marc Jacobs, 56 South Audley St., London, United Kingdom, W1K 2RR.

Sarah Farrell is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at My Sentimental Heart. A regular contributor to Aesthetic Magazine, Sarah’s main interests lie in baking and style. Sarah is also the Features Editor of Aesthetic Online. She Tweets @sarah_sentiment.


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