Bridal Mask is a 28 episode, action packed Korean drama set in 1930 Seoul during the Japanese Colonial Era. I first found out about Bridal Mask when I saw the music video for one of their OSTs pop up on my YouTube dash. As soon as I finished watching the video, I was instantly intrigued and wanted to watch the drama for myself.

Bridal Mask focuses on the life of Lee Kang To, a Korean police officer working for the Japanese. Kang To betrays his own country by capturing any Koreans who dare to rebel against the Japanese Rule. However, Kang To is determined to capture one particular freedom fighter, known as ‘Bridal Mask’, who continually fights against the Japanese for Korea’s independence.  On the other hand, Kang To’s best friend Kimura Shunji, is a gentle Japanese teacher who has come to teach in Korea against his father’s will. Shunji falls in love with the fiercely patriotic Mok Dan, a Korean woman who is linked to Kang To in a way that makes Shunji twist into a darker person and make Kang To rethink his position as a Korean working for the Japanese.

I was pleasantly surprised with this drama. I don’t usually go for period dramas but this was an exception. The plot is so well thought out and it had just the right amount of action and romance. This drama and the cast won several awards at the end of year ceremonies and the aforementioned OST is one of my favourite drama soundtracks to date. I was hooked from beginning to end. I would highly recommend this drama to everyone who likes Korean drama in general because this is high up on my list of favourite K-dramas.

Watch Bridal Mask here.

Kylie Chan is a student studying in London (but a country girl at heart!). Kylie loves to eat, shop, watch dramas and read mangas. A girl who takes life as it comes, you can find Kylie posting about her life on her blog and Tweeting excessively on Twitter.


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