Amnesia is a 2013 short anime series, falling mainly in the fantasy genre with a definitive romance taste and somewhat sci-fi flair. Running at just 12 episodes, it is a great way to fill a few spare hours as the series has now concluded airtime.

Heroine is the focal character of the story. As the pilot episode opens, Heroine awakes from a coma. It is August 1st, and she has little to no recollection of any previous events. It rings bells as being quite similar to other animes or series that I’ve seen, but something gripped me enough to keep watching.

As the plot thickens, a number of men make their way onto the scene, each claiming to be Heroine’s boyfriend or similar roles to that effect. With a sidekick of Orion, a spirit that only Heroine can see, Heroine attempts to regain her memories. Each episode revolves around a particular event or memory where Orion attempts to trigger her old memories, and although some parts are tense and in turn intense viewing, Amnesia is for the most part, an easy watch with a relatively slow pace, perfect for the 12-episode short.

The plot twists and turns with every episode, meeting an unthinkable conclusion, and features plenty of love or hate characters, but ultimately, it is slow in comparison to the game, and could do with an extra, catalyst character or a hidden plot. (There isn’t one, fyi.)

Amnesia is also a visual novel and game series. Watch Amnesia here.


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