1. Keep, recycle and bin.

Make three piles and meticulously keep to them. Aim to have at least five items in each pile, and don’t make any excuses for keeping that threadbare cardigan, those jeans that are three inches too short or the sale dress you picked up in January that still features its tags… and questionable ruffles. Hang the ‘Keep’ pile up, donate the ‘Recycle’ pile to your charity of choice and dare to throw the last pile away. (I promise, you won’t miss it.)

2. Colour co-ordinate!

Refresh your wardrobe without buying anew by co-ordinating everything by type and colour. Strangely theraupeutic and it makes your wardrobe look like a Whistles store. Nice.

3. Shirts and scissors.

Think the clothing version of Snakes & Ladders… I’m only kidding. Those old shirts that are fraying at the cuffs? Grab the biggest pair of scissors that you can find and lop off the sleeves. You can opt for a sleeveless design (amazing for SS13 when worn unbuttoned and paired with a sleeveless midi dress) or be a little more meticulous and go for a cap sleeve or three-quarter length sleeve. Et voila – a new shirt.

4. Basically…

Stock up on basics. From plain black T-shirts (I favour oversized fits), to skater skirts, to white vests and a bowler hat, if you have the basics down, the rest is no sweat. See my Ways to Wear feature series for a lengthy roster of outfit ideas formed of wardrobe basics.

5. The Statement

This season, invest in a statement jacket. It doesn’t have to be ‘LFW Circus’ worthy, it doesn’t even need to be a statement colour. Select a jacket that you can’t stop thinking about, take it to the tills and place it in the centre of attention in your wardrobe. Instant update. Hint: perfect with your favourite dress, or even with a white top and your very battered jeans. (I’ll let you keep ’em.)

Michelle Chai is a self-confessed colour avoider, avid coffee enthusiast, multi-tasker extraordinaire and, by night, a regular fashion blogger at Daisybutter. She edits Aesthetic (both online and print) and really enjoys her ongoing quest for the perfect knit. FYI, this one came close to nabbing the title.


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