Street food seems to be the buzz word on the London foodie scene at the minute. Forget sitting down and being waited on in a nice warm restaurant, now it’s trendy to brave the elements and eat it outside while being dressed for Arctic conditions. Where else can you sample the cuisine from around the world than at a market? Greenwich Market as it happens comes up trumps.


While it may not have the vastness of Borough Market, it still gives things a good go. Here you’ll be transported around the world. From churros – I can say from experience they were extremely good and tasted liked they’d dropped from heaven – to vegan cakes, there’s plenty if you have a sweet tooth.

SAM_1202 SAM_1197

If you fancy a more sustainable meal there’s plenty of delicious options to choose from. The more adventurous types can choose from Korean and Ethiopian. After much deliberation – trust me I had to walk around a fair few times – I opted for Spanish and took a punt with chorizo stew and cous cous. It got a massive thumbs up from me!

SAM_1208 SAM_1210 SAM_1196

Why not fit in the Cutty Sark, Observatory and Maritime Museum in too? After all you’ll need to walk off all the goodies somehow!

Sophie Warner is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who constantly thinks about various ways to stuff her face. As the health and lifestyle editor of Aesthetic she thrives on finding healthier alternatives to her favourite meals, filling her bedroom with vintage junk and exploring the delights of London Town. You can find her Tweeting at @sophiesophuk.


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