The Moon that Embraces the Sun is a 20 episode historical drama. It has elements of romance (my favourite genre!), fantasy and at some points, tragedy. (I would suggest you have some tissues nearby when watching this drama.)

The Moon-Sun drama focuses on the relationship between Lee Hwon, the Crown Prince, and Heo Yeon Woo, the daughter of a noble family. But of course, typical of romantic dramas, there are some obstacles in their relationship which leads to their separation when they were still children. However, many years later, when a still heartbroken Hwon succeeds the throne, he meets a female shaman named Wol who resembles Yeon Woo. But, Wol has no memories of her childhood and claims that she is not the girl Hwon is looking for.

Without a doubt, Moon-Sun is one of my all-time favourite Korean dramas! Not only are the cast amazing, boasting actors such as Kim Soo Hyun (one of my favourite actors!), Han Ga In and Jung Il Woo, but the child actors were just equally just as amazing. The OST is also so beautiful, with one of my favourite tracks being ‘Back in Time’ by Lyn. The cast and the drama won many end of year awards and it also exceeded the 40% viewer rating mark which is amazing considering some dramas do not reach 10% in viewer ratings! I honestly cannot express my love for this drama enough and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a romantic drama.

Watch The Moon that Embraces the Sun here.

Kylie Chan is a student studying in London (but a country girl at heart!). Kylie loves to eat, shop, watch dramas and read mangas. A girl who takes life as it comes, you can find Kylie posting about her life on her blog and Tweeting excessively on Twitter.


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