When you live in a world surrounded by bloggers and also in a world away from the Internet, sometimes it’s hard not to blur the two. Talking to people who don’t blog equals in gasps and looks of confusion, resulting in questions like ‘Who’s that then?’ ‘You got that for free?!’ ‘What do you mean you share your life online?’ ‘What do you write about though?’.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain and sometimes you want to escape to normality so much. Because you are so sick of seeing the same pouting pictures on Instagram, and reading asterisk after asterisk on people’s ‘freebie reel’ that you feel they have lost all integrity and have become a walking advert.

I just think we are going around in the same fish pond, trying to steal each other’s food from one another. When I first started blogging it was about the camaraderie, and the friendships you could make with like-minded people that ‘got’ blogging and what it was about. Now it’s full of moaning Minnie’s who complain about not getting invited to Fashion Week, or bragging that they were going to Fashion Week or ‘like totally crying’ and thinking they mean nothing in the ‘blogging world’ because they weren’t invited to Fashion Week.

No, I don’t agree with Suzy Menkes and her ‘Circus of Fashion‘ article, it’s not right to treat the blogging community as one person, many individuals are still present in it’s world. But there are underlying tones I may agree with, the attention seeking being one…

Read my full blog post here.

Gemma Johnson, 26. Part time professional photographer and blogging over at From Gem With Love. Living in a world full of empty teacups and carrying a very truthful dialect.


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