I may be biased, but in my opinion, London is one of the greatest cities in the world. Full of little nooks and crannies, there’s so much more to the capital city than Big Ben and the Tower of London. This year I’m going to make a pact to see much more of the city that often gets overlooked by tourists.

One of those places is the Old Truman Brewery. This old brewery was one of the largest in London and now plays host to a whole different kettle of fish. On a Sunday the boiler house transforms into a vibrant food market with dishes from all over the world. From Chinese to Ethiopian, there’s something for everyone to savour. The sheer amount of choice can sometimes be overwhelming so don’t be shy to ask to sample something before you buy, the vendors will be more than happy to oblige! From around £6 for a large carton of food, it’s tasty as well as easy on the pocket. What more could you ask for?

SAM_0709 SAM_0706 SAM_0705

Next time you venture to East London be sure to stumble over to Brick Lane to sample the delights of the brewery. It makes for a much tastier re-fueling session than the bland chains that seem to have smothered London. Sometimes a burger from a certain fast food chain just doesn’t make the cut.


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