Aesthetic Imagery

With a new year comes a fresh new slate for Aesthetic. It’s now been exactly a year since Aesthetic was created in the humble halls of Southampton Solent University. Starting as a few notes and original doodles (which are dotted throughout our first issue), Aesthetic has become a little fledgling in the magazine and blogging community. One year on, it seemed appropriate to start a new platform to share content, talent, aesthetically pleasing fashion and more. Welcome to Aesthetic Online…

As a little ‘hello’, I’ll just introduce myself: I’m Michelle, one of the co-founders of the magazine, and I oversee the entire production of the magazine. I edit, sub-edit and design the magazine, and scour the blogging community for talented writers who are budding to share more and learn more. I graduated last year, and since then, have been freelancing for various fashion brands in the Big Smoke – London.

Anyway, at Aesthetic Online, you can expect much more regular content from the Aesthetic team. We understand that with an international readership, sometimes online is the perfect way to stay inspired and catch up with things, whilst you await your glossy print orders to arrive. Alongside new content, we’ll also be sharing video content, exclusive behind-the-scenes stories and tidbits of the best of the best.

So, that’s our awkward greeting over and done with. Now grab a beverage from your kitchen, get that top knot secured, and start embracing Aesthetic… Online.


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